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Tarihçe / History

It is well known that constancy and well-established policies are cases which are rarely observed in our country. So the founders of the journal Community and Physician as well as many others who have kept it going feel the pride of ensuring the both since 1978. The journal Community and Physician is sustaining the commitment and excitement that fuelled its endeavour from the very early days.

Having its first issue in January 1978, the journal has undergone three periods in historical terms. From the first issue up to issue 33 we can observe the weight of an organizational perspective. In the second period from issue 33 to 47 the journal was mainly shaped by a medical-clinical perspective. It was in this period that Community and Physician turned as a peer-reviewed journal. Finally, the last period starting from issue 47 can be characterized by the social medicine perspective.

Excluding 4 years of ban on the activities of the Turkish Medical Association following the military coup of 12 September 1980, the organization has consistently maintained its efforts to publish the journal in line with its values and objectives, including critiques of social and economic policies at international and national levels along with their effects on public health, and served as a forum for discussion.

Technology advancing in a way to respond to the needs of capitalism ensured higher and faster mobility for capital by introducing new means of communication. The case now is that sums equalling to national budgets of some countries can be transferred from one part of the world to another only in few seconds. Doubtlessly internet is the most widely and effectively used one among these means of communication. The use of internet and digital data is now quite common particularly among younger generations.

It was the concern for not breaking apart from what is current and the objective of sharing knowledge with as much readers as possible that made us to decide to transfer the full content of the journal to the internet. We are happy that we share with our readers an archive that contains very valuable materials indeed.